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What does it take to have the perfect wedding? More than just wearing a beautiful gown and exchanging vows, it needs to be a celebration of love with each special moment transpiring seamless like a waltz that lasts all day and whose memories you’ll keep for the rest of your life. It’s a day where you become the center of everything you love and cherish, a day of pure joy – a day that’s eternally yours.

“Wedding planners are to couples, what lighthouses are to ships.”

Ms. Vernetta Lopez created Eternally Yours to serve as the light that guides couples towards the wedding of their dreams. Since its inception eight years ago, the company has fulfilled the wishes of hundreds of couples, providing comprehensive wedding planning services mainly for Chinese and Western weddings. May the ceremony require an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Eternally Yours manages every essential aspect of the occasion to ensure that everything follows the desires of their clients.

Eternally Yours knows the enormous responsibility of planning and coordinating a wedding. To properly serve all their clients, every detail of the wedding are discussed on the onset of the planning, with the team providing professional advice to help couples realize their dream wedding. The wedding is also planned in consideration of not just beauty but also of functionality to ensure that the big day looks magnificent and transpires smoothly.

We plan the wedding you’ll love to remember for eternity

With their passion for organizing and coordinating each facet of the wedding plan, Eternally Yours and their team of designers work to craft each wedding to be unique and true to the client’s personality and style. While working closely with the couples, they also work behind the scenes to guarantee that everything falls into place and the couples experience a blissful wedding day. They will also put the final touches in each wedding to make it stand out and more memorable.

In their wish to cater to more couples, Eternally Yours has recently expanded their services to include Malay and Muslim weddings as announced in a media launch on the 1st of November 2012. Featuring a Malay bridal wear fashion show and an exquisite Malay wedding set up, it was a feast for the eyes for all the guests who attended.

Photography: Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures

Maintaining the same level of excellence and dedication, Vernetta and her team are now offering to guide Malay couples through the fashion, practices, décor and other traditional aspects of the colorful celebration of the Malay wedding. According to Vernetta, “Malay weddings is an exciting new frontier for us, and we look forward to journeying into new realms of wedding splendor while keeping the true traditions of them alive.”

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Videography: Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures

Weddings may only last a day, but we make memories that last a lifetime

More than their skills in planning, Eternally Yours also offers the use of various items, including décor, structures, and technical equipment, such as lighting and audio-visual systems. As a mark of quality service, the company is also affiliated with the International Special Events Society (ISES) and has strong partnerships with various popular wedding vendors and establishments. At Eternally Yours, your wedding is as special to us as it is to you.

You can contact Eternally Yours through their email or you can call them at +65 96734621.

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