Evaluate Your Wedding Photography Package

Deciding on a wedding photography package is not easy. Prices vary greatly from one studio to another. Often it is tempting to think that you are paying for quality photographs, but that isn’t always true! You may be paying for a lot of other things. Here is a write up of some of the commonly offered items and services to help you decide on the type of bundle you really want.

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1. Printed Photographs

Photographers often include printed photographs in the basic package because couples still prefer storing a physical copy. This seems counter intuitive given how digital photographs are the in thing. While digital photos are easier to keep, they can disappear in an instant when the computer crashes or when the CD corrupts. Technology may change so much in the next five years that CDs and memory cards become obsolete as well. Physical copies are definitely a safer way to store your precious memories. With high quality printing and careful storage you can keep them from fading away.

2. Wedding Day Coverage

A photographer’s fee can be either charged by hour or as a flat rate. A per hour charge is more flexible because you only need to pay to for the actual number the photographer stays. A flat rate on the other hand means that the photographer will stay around as long as you like within the agreed timing. No matter how your photographer’s fee is calculated, you have the option to extend the time when you run late or secure a second photographer. Always clarify whether there will be a second photographer first before requesting for another photographer.

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3. Proofing

As soon as the photographers are compiled, you are ready to move on the proofing stage. This is the process where you look through all the photographs and choose your favourite ones. Usually you will be sent a link to a password-protected gallery via email or receive a call asking you to come and collect the printed versions. Both methods have their advantages.

a. Digital Copies: Proofing the photographs from an online gallery is convenient as you can access the organized collection from any computer so you can share the link with your loved ones and ask them to help you pick the best ones. The only drawback of viewing digital copies is that you won’t be able to see the actual quality of these pictures as the quality varies greatly from monitor to monitor.

b. Photo Printouts: You can see the quality of each picture immediately and you know that is exactly what they will look like in your album. You can even compare several pictures side by side without having to wait for the pictures to load. Overall you won’t take as long to browse through the lot especially if you have to shift through several hundred photographs. However things can get disorganized easily while you move things around.

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4. Photo Albums

A photo album is not always included in your package. Ask your photographer if can’t find it listed in brochure. Albums that come with a package are cheaper as photographers offer them at a discounted rate to entice you. Also check the quality of the albums as you make your selection. A cheaper price isn’t a good reason for selecting something of a lower quality. Such albums are not very durable.

5. License to Use the Images

Your photographer may choose to hold onto the license for the photographs. This means that while you are able to share your lovely digital pictures with family and friends freely, you may have to pay more whenever you request to print extra copies. You may even have difficulty getting permission to have your photos printed at a different studio. Discussing your licensing rights with your photographer prior to signing the contract is the best way to prevent any disagreements in the future.

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6. Experience

Photographing weddings is stressful because the photographers have to follow a tight deadline and do their best to get your guests and relatives to cooperate with them. Learning how to handle everything with fineness takes practice and years of experience. Spending that little bit more to have someone who has been in the industry for a long time is worth it.  A well-seasoned photographer would be able to plan everything with little input from you and they will be more than happy to advise you when you are feeling lost.

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Finding the right wedding photography package isn’t as daunting as you may think. It is matter of knowing what you want and finding the most suitable package within you budget range. Knowing what are usually included makes narrowing down your choices much easier.

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