Every Bride’s Wedding Survival Guide

As the bride, it’s natural that you want your guests to have a wonderful time, but you shouldn’t neglect yourself. Even the littlest things – like streaky makeup, pinching shoes or a giddy spell – can mar your perfect day. Use the 10 tips below to keep yourself sane and happy on that hectic day!

Feeling stressed is normal, but being well-prepared helps!
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Tip 1: Break in Those Shoes

Every woman, who has ever tried walking in a new pair of shoes, would remember the raw ankles and blisters! It’s not something you’d want to deal with after the day is over. So, instead of putting your wedding shoes straight into the cupboard, try wearing them at home. As you walk around or sit on the sofa watching TV, your shoes will start growing accustomed to your feet without you realizing it. Doing this also keeps them relatively clean or, at least, cleaner compared to wearing them to the mall.

Tip 2: Don’t Book Facials a Day Before

Book your last facial 3-4 weeks before your big day. Why? Facials often leaves your skin sensitive, even for those who do them regularly. To make matters worse, some women may even develop a ruddy complexion or rashes. Honestly, starting a good skincare regiment a 6 months before your wedding is a much better idea! If your skin is really bad, you ought to consult a dermatologist and not a beautician.

Tip 3: Check Your Dress (Twice)

A broken spaghetti strap, a plunging neckline and a popping zipper are anything but elegant. You may laugh, but you can never be too prepared! Ask your tailor to reinforce your zippers, buttons and straps at least 2-3 weeks before you wedding. Even with these modifications, you ought to pack some safety pins of various sizes. They will hold your dress in place should the worst happen.

Your dress should be the least of your worries that day.
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Tip 4: Buy the Right Bra

Ask the sales staff for advice regarding the type of bra or undergarment you ought to wear under your wedding dress, because even the smallest bumps or faintest lines ruins your silhouette. Without going into the any specifics, most brides need to buy a bra of the correct size – preferably one which doesn’t make your breasts spill over the top or spread out at the sides – and some shapewear to push their tummy in. These pieces are uncomfortable to wear, but you can practice wearing them at home.

Tip 5: Prepare a Bridal Emergency Kit

Fill a bag (or a box) with items such as Band-Aids, needle and thread, Pandol, breath mints, dental floss, a commercial stain remover, a spare pen, a notebook, tiger balm, talcum powder, nail clippers, a nail file, lipstick, your compact, your eyeshadow palette, a pair of tweezers, some biscuits, an extra roll of stockings, Vaseline, scotch tape, hair pins, safety pins and a pair of scissors. With these on hand, you can handle a dress disaster, a medical emergency or really streaky makeup.

 Tip 6: Pack the Essentials into Your Clutch

You ought to have your credit or NETS card ready in case you need to pay your vendors or hail a cab. Your identity card (IC) and driver’s license should also be with you for identification purposes. A pocket mirror, a packet of tissue and wet wipes are useful for cleaning off excess makeup or wiping your sweaty face. Having your hand phone around is self-explanatory. Don’t worry about carrying your clutch around. You can pass it to your parents before the start of the ceremony!

Remaining contactable is very important even when you are tired.
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Tip 7: Bring Extra Chargers

Request your bridesmaids and groomsmen bring at least 2-3 extra chargers and preferably chargers for the more commonly used models. This way everyone remains contactable throughout the day. Also, bring chargers for your iPads, digital cameras and laptops, if you plan to use them. Consider packing a couple of adaptors (especially universal adaptors) too, so you won’t have trouble plugging in those chargers! Your overseas guests would certainly appreciate that you have some handy!

Tip 8: Remind Your Fiancé about the Rings

Before you sleep the night before, text him about your wedding bands. That way he can double check to make sure the right person (usually the best man) remembered too. Don’t worry about sounding naggy! He is as stressed out as you are, so he may be a little absent-minded. Just avoid doing this before the gate-crash ceremony, because your reminder will make him flustered.

Tip 9: Have Enough Stationary Around

Invest in a small box of cheap pens and a few colourful markers so your guests can sign your guestbook. With so many extra pens around, you don’t have to worry about the pens disappearing, if someone pocketed one accidentally. Remind your bridesmaids to have at least 2 pairs of scissors, scotch tape, duct tape, labels and whiteboard markers so they are just as prepared.

Staying hydrated helps you survive the busy day.
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Tip 10: Carry Your Water Bottle Around

Don’t wait till you are thirsty to take a sip, because it may be too late! When you are too preoccupied, you will miss the obvious signs that you are dehydrated. This puts you in danger of feeling giddy or fainting! You can do your part to keep your bridal party hydrated too. Place a carton of bottled of water at a convenient location then let them know they can grab a bottle whenever they need a sip.

Following the tips above ensures that you, as the bride, will not be inconvenienced on your big day. So, before you close this tab, make sure you note them down and put that piece of paper somewhere you won’t forget! Remember, everyone wants you to enjoy your wedding, as much as you hope they would.

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