FAQs and Tips About Having a Bridal Registry

The bridal registry isn’t as widely used in Singapore as it is in Western countries, but knowing its benefits might encourage future bridal couples to set up one.


What is a bridal registry?

Bridal registry is a service that stores – online stores included – offer to bridal couples. It allows couples to list down their gift preferences, which will help their wedding guests make informed choices when shopping at the store.

What are the advantages of having a bridal registry?

– It allows couples to create a public list of their gift preferences.
– It is an efficient way to inform families, friends, relatives and other guests who will be attending the event of the couple’s preferred gift items.
– It helps keep track of the gift senders, which is helpful when the card on the gift goes missing.
– It reduces the chance of receiving duplicate gift items.
– It allows families and friends who will not be able to attend the wedding due to distance to purchase a gift online.

When should bridal couples start registering?

There’s no rule as to when bridal couples should register, but it helps that they register a few items early on as some guests may decide to buy gifts as soon as they receive the wedding invitation. Bridal couples who are planning to have a bridal party or an engagement party may find it the best time to distribute the bridal registry card that stores provide.


How do we request for cash gifts without sounding awkward?

In lieu of having a gift registry, couples may consider setting up a special account offered by banks to newlyweds. In this case, the guests’ cash gifts will be considered as earmark for a down payment to a request, such as a request to purchase a travel package for honeymoon. This can also be used to raise cash for the couple’s favourite charity.

How do we inform the guests about the registry?

Stores provide registry cards, but where to include them and when to give them requires the right timing. If there will be an engagement party, bridal couples can insert the card in the invitation. Otherwise, bridal couples should rely on their family members to spread the word. Bridal couples should feel free, though, to tell guests if they directly ask them about it.

What happens to the registry after the wedding?

Policies depend from one store to another. Usually, stores keep bridal registries active for up to one year. This allows couples to update their registry and the guests to send gifts even after the wedding. It’s also typical for stores to offer bridal couples discounts in purchasing the remaining items on their list. This is where gift cards come useful.

Stores that Offer Bridal Registry in Singapore

Double Happiness Gift Registry – This is an online wedding gift registry that offers product items from their partner stores and get them in one list. Purchases can be made both offline and online.
Our Wishing Well – This is also an online wedding gift registry where bridal couples can create a registry and invite guests to make contributions through gifting.
Wedding Channel Registry – This requires couples to register at their partner stores and shops, after which the wedding channel will compile their gift requests into a single list.


Advantage of Using Online Wedding Tools

There are online wedding tools that bridal couples can use for setting up a registry. An online registry is a more efficient set up not only for shops but also for the bridal couple and the guests. If the store is an online wedding gift registry, bridal couples will set up their registry direct from the store’s account.


1. Don’t feel pressured to create the list all at once. It’s alright to start with just a few items. Couples can always go back to edit or fill up the list.

2. Visit the store to take a look at the items in person. Even if gift items can be checked out online these days, it is still highly advisable to visit the store to take a look at everything in person. This will help with quality checks and save bridal couples the trouble of sending faulty products back.

3. Consider special items aside from everyday items. The most common gifts newlyweds receive are cookware, bath towels, bed sheets and the like. Beyond these items, couples can consider specialty items like travel necessities, customised wall décor, or other items that both the recipient and the sender will find special.

4. Choose items in different price ranges. Items of the same functions may differ in price due to quality, brand and other additional features. Couples can base their selection on their current taste, as well as the financial capacities of their guests.

5. Think of future needs. Couples should think of items they might need years down the road.


6. Keep an eye on the items on the list. This means bridal couples should check the items as months go by to make sure if they are still available. Some items may get sold or discontinued, while some may be offered as discounted items. Bridal couples can cancel items and inform the person of the change. Or in case of discount deals, notify the person assigned to the gift item about it.

7. Try registering at two or three stores. It can be tedious managing multiple registries while tending to other wedding planning necessities, but this will give couples and their guests much more options. Couples can ask the help of one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen to take charge of at least one registry.

8. Choose a national department store. Big store chains usually have lots of household basics. Chances are these stores also allow online registration and shopping.

9. Consider a specialty store. If some specialty stores offer this service, bridal couples can take advantage of it. For instance, they can include stores that offer vintage linens.

10. Negotiate for special arrangements. If a favourite shop does not have an existing registry program, bridal couples can talk to the store manager and see if they can set up a similar service for them. Some store owners work on a case-by-case basis.

Requesting for specific gifts for the wedding can be made simple and less awkward by setting up a wedding gift registry. And with online tools and stores specialising in online registry, the procedure gets even simpler and more efficient.

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