• What is Instant Prints?

    Wouldn’t it be great if you can provide your guests with their pictures on the very night of your event? Well, that is now possible with Instant Prints, a special service provided by certain photography companies in Singapore that lets clients and their guests receive the prints of their pictures right away.

    Hiring Instant Prints services is like having your own photo studio at the corner of your event’s venue. The set-up uses full studio lightings with a tasteful and lavish backdrop, and the pictures are taken by your very own professional photographer. The best part: as soon as the pictures get taken, it is set for printing, and your guests can get the prints right away.

    Instant Prints is great for any kind of wedding, be it private affairs like weddings and birthdays or high-profile corporate events and product launches. The prints are wallet-sized and can be customized to include a personal message or logo, making it a perfect souvenir or door gift. With Instant Prints, you’re sure to have a lively event that all your guests will remember.