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  • Best Wedding Gifts for Guests

    Wedding favours are keepsakes given to guests as a simple token of gratitude and appreciation for gracing your special occasion. They serve as a remembrance that your guests became a part of the joyous, once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Wedding favours and accessories can either be bought from the store or made by your bare hands. Buying directly from the store can save your time and effort.

    However, if being able to save money is your primary concern, then you can start by making wedding favours. DIY wedding favours can definitely give you extra savings. Plus you can unleash the creative side in you.

    These wedding keepsakes don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be appreciated by your guests. However, it will be better if it is something that they can keep or use. Give something that you think your guests would like to bring home with them and not just leave on their reception tables. Spend on something that you think your guests would be able to use and not just leave on the cabinet to gather dust.