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AndroidsinBoots (Still+Motion)

Much of what we do is driven by the search to capture the genuine connection between two people. As we understand that every couple is uniquely different, we make the effort to listen and understand your relationship and preferences. Producing documentations that range from varying characteristics, specially crafted with our nifty fingers. Young as we are, the AndroidsinBoots team is bursting at the seams with creativity, ever-ready for adventures and constantly looking for new opportunities to bring forth a new visual experience to each and every lovely clients of ours.

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Our Sources (Split-Day-Edit)

Though the rain was heavy, and the weather was cold, I felt warm. From the inside. Heart felt words was exchanged over the blessing and laughter of only those close to their heart.

There was something very beautiful and intimate about Shawn's vow. Though it had been months since the weddings was over, I could still resonate with his words whenever I watched this video. Perhaps,through little experience like this, through the beautiful love we captured, we learn a little bit more about love.

RongZhao+Pearlyn (Wedding Trailer)

Ryan+Jessica (Pre-wedding Filmlet)

The quirky couple met while filming a television commercial, introduced via a mutual friend. She was late and he was getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated at her punctuality issues, not knowing that she was not aware about the reporting time. Overall, both parties had a terrible first impression of each other.

Nevertheless, the bad impressions did not stay anchored for long and the hyperactive couple has been together for 5 long years.