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Renatus Cinematography

Originating from the Latin word which means 'born again', Renatus aims to renew your perspectives and rebirth new concepts of still and moving images. We find ourselves blessed to be able to be around happy people all the time, and our passion about the wedding industry leaves us wholeheartedly dedicated to every single wedding we are tasked to cover. We believe that our blessings come from being able to capture those beautiful moments of your wedding!


We provide Pre-Wedding and Actual Day Cinematography. Engage us to create beautiful short videos of your love story and wedding day to last a lifetime!

Pre-Wedding Film

JM + Christina - 7 Things


Will + Persis


Eileen + Edwin - What is Love?


Shee Mun + Kiah Hong PW


Samuel + Joey Pre-wedding

Vincent + Chingzhen (What I want for christmas is you!)


Jonathan + Jade (The Bus Ride)


Actual Wedding Day

Zen + Min SDE


Joseph + Hailey FDE


Jerald + Debra SDE


Li Ming + Bernard FDE


Christian + Jemima FDE


Simon + Eunice SDE


Elson + Cindy SDE

Chloe + Criag SDE

Sandro + Jisun FDE

Jonathan + Micaela AD