Finding That Fabulous Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer could be the most important person you will hire for the wedding. If you want to ensure that the photos taken on your wedding day will be perfect, observe the following 5 steps that will allow your dream wedding to be captured on photographs the way you want it to be.

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First and foremost, hire a photographer who has a visual style that suits you. Most photographers generally fit into 3 categories: photojournalists, traditionalists, and those who are a mix of both. If you enjoy candid shots in black and white, you will benefit the most from someone whose forte is photojournalism. If, however, you like posing and portraits better, going for a traditional wedding photographer will probably be better. And, if you want to have both styles or if you and your spouse have differing opinions, go for the photographer practices both techniques.

The next step in your search is to compile a list of photographers. One way you can compile this list is by going through the wedding albums of your friends and family who have gotten married recently. Another way is to consult your wedding coordinator, bridal boutique, and other wedding service providers for their recommendations. If you can’t find a photographer using either way, you can go to bridal shows where you can meet photographers and view their work.

After your search, of course, you must have an initial meeting with your prospect photographer. Do not ever underestimate the importance of getting along well with your photographer. Most of the best photos of the wedding will be those that were taken backstage. If you are not comfortable with inviting the photographer backstage, perhaps it will be better for you to choose another photographer.

Keep in mind that the photographer will be in close contact with family and friends, and he or she must be versatile enough with people to get their best shots. He or she has to be a good listener, as well as able to give you sound advice regarding your poses, lighting, angle, and other points in photography. Above all, trust your instincts: if something about the photographer makes you feel uncomfortable, just find another one.

Your photographer will be cataloging the most important day of your life – as such, choose wisely. Good wedding photographers will have a portfolio of their work that they can readily show to their potential clients. If you find a photographer who does not have a prepared portfolio, it may be that he or she is too new to the photography scene or is too disorganized. In such cases, think twice before hiring him or her.

When you look through the photographer’s portfolio, look out for sharp images, good composition and adequate lighting. Be sure to note if there are emotions conveyed, if the subjects look comfortable in their portraits, and if the photographer has pictures taken during the same time of day your wedding will occur. Do not commit to any one photographer until you examine the wedding album that the photographer has made.

From looking through the album, you should be getting a feel of the couple’s personality and style and who is more important to them. Remember to ask about the photographer’s approach with regards to wedding albums. Those who make an effort to make each album unique and one that tells the story of the wedding are better than those who do not.

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