Five Styles to Consider for Awesome Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses can be difficult, especially if you are considering each of your maid’s individual preferences. The simple solution: mismatched bridesmaid dresses. To pull this off, you simply need to have similar running elements in your bridesmaids’ dresses—typically their color and fabric—even if the rest don’t match. Here are five different styles your bridesmaids can choose from to form a splendid mismatched set.


One-Shoulder Cocktail Length Dress

This cut is most flattering on girls with broad shoulders as suggested by New York-based image and style expert Bridgette Raes. It can make shoulders look narrow, especially if paired with a tight bodice and full billowy skirt, to create an effect of having a more feminine figure.

Subtle Tulip-Shaped Skirt

Structured skirts such as a pencil cut or tulip cut can make the hips and thighs look slimmer. This is a style that is especially helpful to balance out the bottom heaviness of a pear shaped body. This style of skirt can also go with various necklines. Use a fabric that can be structured to taper the full hips and thighs.

Cinched on the Waist

Any dress cinched on the waist is easily flattering for any figure that gives a tiny waist and evens out the fullness of a body. The cinched waist can go with any neckline or skirt and improves the shape of the dress. It can be achieved through the cut of the dress, embellishments, or through accessories such as a belt or a sash.


Sweetheart Neckline

This is a classic neckline that draws attention to the shoulders, neck, and face. It also complements full or small chests so your ladies, regardless their cup sizes, can rock this look. This neckline can go with a tight bodice or a billowy dress such as an empire cut.

Sheer Overlay Neckline

A bridal classic and a hot trend, the sheer overlay is easy to wear and elegant. Looking best over a sweetheart or straight-across neckline, it is a good style option for your bridesmaids who are not comfortable with baring their chest and shoulders.

Whatever you (and your girls) decide on, remember that there’s no wrong bridesmaid dress. It’s all about letting the ladies look elegant on your wedding while staying comfortable and in style. There’s no rule on having a uniform dress for all the bridesmaids: you and your bridesmaids can actually be more playful in picking the dress or dresses that they will love to wear again and again in other occasions.

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