Five Ways To Have An Unforgettable Wedding Reception Menu

If there is one common love to be found among all your guests on your wedding, it must be the love for food. We’ll show you how you can easily wow your guests with these simple planning tips and tricks for wedding catering:

wedding table

1. Theme for the Wedding Dream

Take your guests on a trip to a completely different world through an adventurous themed menu. For example, you can bring them to New England with a traditional clam bake, or ride down to Texas with a spicy BBQ – these are the sort of menus that will promise to be as delicious as it will be fun. If you really want to make your wedding an event not to be forgotten, take it to the next level: have a reception by the river with a seafood spread, reminiscent of Maryland; re-create Thailand with curries and satays in a city garden dinner; or roast and toast marshmallows to go with hot chocolate by a cosy bonfire! Dare to be different and challenge wedding conventions. Weddings do not have to be formal to be elegant and memorable.

2. Taking the Food Trip

Culinary holidays are more popular now than ever. However, instead of travelling to a foreign land to experience culture through food, you can integrate a foreign culture into your menu. Introduce esoteric dishes unique to a specific country to your catered meal. It could be Buffalo wings, Hudson Valley’s foie gras, or a Wisconsin cheese platter.

3. When Entertainment Means More Than Food

Hit two birds with one stone with a simple catering plan: Entertain your guests with a skillful display of their meals’ preparation! Think of a sushi station, a sushi chef armed with his knife and slabs of sashimi, rice and seaweed coming together right in front of your attendees’ eyes. The same could be done with teppanyaki booths or omelette bars. Alternatively you could go French and have your guests waited on by chefs in apron and hat who will prepare individual meals by the tableside. Be on the lookout for competent caterers!

4. Going Homely Without Going Home

Weddings are the beginnings of families, and what better way to celebrate that than with a family-style meal? Dishes can be served a la the Russian, wherein common dishes are shared in each table, recreating a homely atmosphere. Italian, Chinese, South American and Indian spreads are among our top recommendations for this style of service.

5. It’s all About US

Re-live the memories that are special and unique to both bride and groom. If it was at a posh restaurant, recreate your first date complete with a romantic live violinist playing in the background. Maybe you wish to share your common hobby of fly fishing with a delicate spread of fresh-water fish. Perhaps you could replicate the picnic lunch the groom proposed at. Don’t let your guests forget that this night is entirely about your special relationship.

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