Flattering Styles for Full-Figured Bridesmaids

While you will be the most beautiful woman on your wedding day, your bridesmaids should also be able to look their best and feel beautiful. Being sensitive to how your bridesmaids want to look and feel on your wedding is something they will appreciate more than any gift you give them; because there is nothing worse than letting your bridesmaids slip into a dress that they do not want to wear.

For your full-figured bridesmaid, there are certain dress styles that are most flattering. You want to be able to give her good options when it comes to choosing her dress. Here are some of the dress styles that best accentuate a voluptuous figure.


1. Draping

A classy way to either conceal or emphasize a part of the body is by using a drape. As a tricky feature, drapes should be used smartly for them to be effective. But if done well, drapes can add a romantic touch to a curvy silhouette. They make a hip sexier and more elegant, and make the arms look slimmer and more feminine. Draping on the hip area is also s fashionable way to show off some leg. With this design, a dress can softly complement a curvy figure without making it look heavy or stuffed.

2. Plunging Neckline

The décolletage is an asset that’s worth flaunting in a full figure. With a plunging neckline that creates a sexy V on the chest area, the attention is drawn not only on the bust but all the way to the neck and face. This can make a bridesmaid look taller and regal, and a hint of cleavage goes a long way in creating a sexy appeal. However, too much cleavage might be inappropriate. It’s best to ask your bridesmaid if she would be comfortable to bare her chest a little.

3.   Matte-Colored Fabric

If there’s anything you need to avoid it would be flashy metallic fabrics that reflect light and can make a bridesmaid look wider than she actually is. A solid matte color especially in deep rich colors like burgundy or forest green will look elegant and slimming. Avoid also from making the fabric sparkle too much especially as this can make an area of the body look bigger. It reflects light thus drawing attention to an area that is better toned down.


4. A-Line Skirt

This style is not only flattering to plus-size figures but easily to other body types as well. The A-line is a cut that flares at the hips, elongates the torso and minimizes a thick bottom. A free flowing fabric from the hip area all the way to the feet brings attention to the upper body while creating a slimming effect on the lower half. You can use a light flowing fabric like chiffon and create a soft draping on the hip area; or a stiff fabric like shantung or organza for a more structured look.

5. Column Dress

The column cut is simple yet modern and sophisticated. Its minimalist design makes it more classic than trendy in style. The straight line it creates from the waist to the feet not only creates a slimming effect but also elongates the body. The column cut doesn’t cling to the body so the hip and butt are tapered. This cut can go well with any neckline: when combined with a V-neckline, the look becomes more sophisticated; while a romantic look is achieved with an asymmetrical or one-shoulder neckline.

6. Empire

It is probably the most comfortable and easy to wear style. The empire is fitted on the bust and right beneath it the fabric flows freely. Similar to a column, the empire lengthens the body but it is more comfortable to move around in. It will look lovely with a sweetheart neckline as it accentuates the breast. The shoulders can also be emphasized with a halter neckline. While a straight cut across on top of the bust, minimizes the bust.


7. Sheath Fabric

A full figure doesn’t always have to be concealed. If your bridesmaid is confident and sexy with her curves let her celebrate her voluptuous figure with a dress in sheath fabric. This fabric clings to the body, and with a thoughtful design, can accentuate the right assets. Wearing the right lingerie is key to achieving the best form in a sheath dress. The body needs to be contoured from beneath the fabric so that it clings to the right shape, such as a smooth curve from the bust to the waist and down to the hips.

8. Asymmetrical Tunic Dress

Perfect for a beach wedding, the tunic dress is stylish while showing off some legs and shoulder. The tunic clings only above the bust or on the chest area and it flares out to a loose dress. It is a free form mini dress. The ideal length for the tunic is above the knee but it can also look good on knee length. It is best combined with an off-shoulder neckline. This style also works in a retro-themed wedding with one arm in long flared sleeve to create a 70’s vibe.

When choosing the perfect style for your bridesmaid whether she’s regular or plus size, keep in mind that each of your bridesmaids is distinct in beauty. Bring out this distinction by letting each of them wear a dress that truly flatters their figure. By letting them know that you care about how they look and feel on your wedding, they will feel appreciated and happier about your wedding. In turn, you will not only be a beautiful bride but a happy one as well with her best girlfriends by her side.

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