Flavours of Wedding Cakes

Contemporary preferences for wedding cakes have changed from the ordinary tiered cake into marvelous confections of icing and bread with an emphasis on design. Similarly, requests for flavours are also changing. While the customary option used to be a white cake with matching buttercream icing, more brides and grooms today are ordering their cakes in various flavours, with icing colours other than the usual white.

wedding cake

Wedding couples are now ordering multiple cakes to be served at the reception, instead of the usual single large cake. This allows them to offer more options in terms of flavour to their guests. In addition, smaller cakes can be used as table centerpieces and can have different sizes, shapes and decoration, as well as different flavours. Guests can then go around the room, sampling the different cake flavours. This way of serving cake can serve as an icebreaker, bringing together the families and friends of the bride and groom to make the occasion merrier.

New Choices

While a vanilla cake is a traditional choice that remains popular today, there is a large selection of flavours to satisfy brides and grooms who want to stand out from the crowd. For smaller weddings, cheesecake is an increasingly popular choice. Other options include meringues, baked Alaska, chocolate cake, angel food cake, fruitcakes, pound cake and even cakes made of mousse, which is usually a cold dessert. Wedding couples seeking to offer something outstanding can check out the following list before going the traditional route with a white or chocolate cake.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cakes make an excellent choice for a fall wedding. The slight spiciness of the cake complements the colours of the season and the cake itself is moist. The cakes are often made with oil instead of butter, and can be baked a few days before the wedding without losing its freshness. Raisins in the cake can be replaced with pecans or walnuts, or omitted altogether. For decorations, a suggestion would be to use white icing and decorate with pecan nuts and floral arrangements with sunflowers and roses.

Pumpkin Cake

A pumpkin cake is another fantastic idea for a wedding held in fall or winter, approaching the holiday season. To fit the festive theme, decorate the cake with cranberry and greenery such as holly or mistletoe. An icing suggestion is cranberry buttercream to complement this somewhat rustic, homey cake.

Chocolate Raspberry

This is a chocolate cake containing a raspberry filling. The wedding guests will have a pleasant surprise when the cake is cut and the layer of raspberry is revealed inside the cake. This cake can have a chocolate buttercream frosting and can be decorated with curls of shaven chocolate and any floral arrangement.

White Cake with Lemon Curd, Blackberry Curd and Pressed Flours

When completed, this is a truly beautiful cake. The lemon and blackberry curds will beautify the slices with their yellow and purple colours. This cake should have a white icing with purple accents piped along the tier edges. Finish off the cake with pressed and crystallized flowers such as pansies.

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