For His Eyes Only: The New Trend of Boudoir Photography

Want to show your soon-to-be husband the playful, sultry side of you? Give your man a honeymoon peek even before the wedding with this hot new trend.

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The name of this wedding trend comes from the French word for “a woman’s bedroom or private room” – aptly named, as the pictures show exactly what grooms expect to see in such a place. Boudoir photography may still be discussed in whispers among ladies, but it’s certainly gaining more popularity among younger brides. Read on to know more about this new wedding trend.

What is boudoir photography?

For many incoming brides, boudoir photography is their one good chance to have a stylized picture of themselves in a sensual pose and clothing. Depending on the bride’s daringness, the shoot may be done with her wearing a sexy outfit, her lingerie, or nothing at all. However, care is taken so that the pictures don’t come out smutty or lewd, but rather simply flirtatious and just a little risqué. The pictures are normally given by the bride to the groom as her personal wedding gift.

Choosing a photographer

Many professional wedding photographers in Singapore have now included boudoir photography as an optional service in their wedding packages. If you are interested in taking this service, you need to choose a wedding photographer who can arrange it and, of course, be discreet about it. Remember that it’s best to hire a pro for your boudoir shoot as they can guarantee to provide high-quality photos and can even have them bound in a special album for your personal perusal only. Professional photographer, Attitude Photography has taken many sensual pre wedding photoshoots for couples over the last 10 years. For their photographers, the body is a work of art, and boudoir photography as a way for couples to express their love for one another in a sensual, artistic manner.

What to wear during the shoot

When choosing your outfit, go with ones that make you feel sexy and are comfortable with. Bring your favorite shoes (preferably high-heeled) and your classiest jewelry (don’t forget the engagement ring!). When it comes to your lingerie, bring a white pair, a black pair, and something bright or glittery. You can also wear short nighties or an unbuttoned dress shirt. Some women opt to wear nothing at all and just take poses that limits how much of their body is revealed.

Duration of the photography

On average, the boudoir photography session takes about two hours, but may extend or shorten by an hour depending on your readiness and the photographer’s method. The majority of the time is actually spent preparing for the shoot – fixing your hair and makeup, arranging the lighting – during which you will be wearing a more comfortable outfit, such as a bathrobe. Some time may also have to be spent getting you to relax so that you don’t appear tense on your photos.

Your shooting location options

While you can have the shoot at your own home, that might not create the classy, exotic effect you’d like to achieve in your boudoir photos. Your better options include holding the shooting at a posh suite at any of the luxury hotels here in Singapore, or borrowing the home of one of your more opulent friends. A photographer with his own studio can also set it up to give it the cozy, elegant atmosphere that is a distinctive feature of boudoir photos.

When to schedule the shoot

If you, like most brides, are under some fitness and beauty regimen to prepare for your wedding, it’s best to hold your boudoir photography session a day or two before the wedding. In this way, you are in your best form, plus it gives you a good break from all the wedding planning and organizing. Do not have the shoot on the same day as the wedding as you might be experiencing some wedding jitters then and would find it impossible to form a seductive expression.

Bringing someone along

You’d probably like to have as few people as possible know about your little moment of boldness, but coming to the shoot with a friend has a few important benefits. The first is that your friend – most probably your maid of honor – can help you relax and can even give you some helpful suggestions. Another is that having another person in the room can diffuse the tension or cancel suspicions (what other innocent scenario, after all, will you be found naked with another man?), and she can even assist you or the photographer.

While the photos serve as a good personal from the bride to her groom, boudoir photography also gives her a chance to show off her womanly features in a safe way. We hope you have learnt how a bride should approach her boudoir photography session.

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