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    thanks for the recommendations! hmm. you didn't engage any videographers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michylicious View Post
    Hi QueenJ,

    1) MUA -Will recommend Irene. She was recommended by a GF and also by my photographer!LOL, such a coincidence. I am not able to give comment on her skill yet as my AD is in Dec 2013, only. Will be gg to trial make-up soon though. Update me if you are interested, so I can share the trial make up photo with you when I did the trial.

    2) Photog - I will recommend Alan Dai! My appointed photog for AD as well. There are so many good feedback about him on this forum as well! I contacted him after much ravings abt him in this forum and later find out that she is my gf photog as well! I've yet to meet Alan but he sound friendly on the phone

    3) Video - I didn't engage any..

    Hope this helps!
    Hello! How was your experience with your MUA and photographer? Can you share with me the rates and packages as well? If you don't mind, can you also share with me some photographs (of the make-up and some photographs by Alan?). You can email me at, thank you so much!

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