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    AD package, Videography & Photography

    Hi BTBs,

    I'm looking for AD packages plus videography(including of express edit for 2nd march-in) and photography(optional depending on quotation).

    I have thought of buying gowns online thru taobao to save some money but was discourage by friends. As the TW PS shop quoted us rather high as they are TW based and no physical shop in SG (need to pay for 2 way shipping) and makeup + bridal car + hand bouquet are additional cost Hence I personally find it more worth to buy instead.

    Kindly advise me which way is more affordable

    Thanks in advance

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    It is important to engage a professional photographer, and more importantly, someone's whose style fits what you want.

    It's a special day, paying a little more for something that will last forever is priceless.

    Find out more what we do at Livesnapps. The only company in Singapore that is able to provide what you are gonna watch...

    Visit our website and showcase for more photos and videos of our wedding photography and instant prints!

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