Any high end bridal boutique to recommend?
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    Sleep Any high end bridal boutique to recommend?

    Hi girls, i am searching for my dream wedding gown, so far went to tanjong pagar, but to no avail, their sales are pushy, gowns are so so, some even got black dots... haha....
    Any recommendation for some exclusive bridal boutique to recommend? maybe can do made to measure as well... don't mind paying the extra but the quality has to be good and hopefully no pushy sales.

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    You can consider Bridal Veil at Delfi Orchard.

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    Do go and see Irene's Creation's gowns - am so in love with their gowns! I've checked out a few places GH, Rico-a-mona, sophia wedding, amanda lee, veil sophia wedding, seletar etc, but still feel that Irene's dresses have their sparkle. Quality and workmanship is very good, they use designer fabrics from Europe. Boss is very sweet. The sales who attended to me is nice too. I don't feel pushed.

    Think they are having a sale on their past gowns now, can go and see.

    Was actually quite disappointed with Amanda Lee's. There are plenty of raves about it, but the gowns i saw were not up to my expectations - Im fabric anal, either that or I haven't seen the really nice gowns. Went to the recent bridal show for Seletar, the gowns look good and quality seemed ok too.

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    Hi Tiffany, I agree with Adeline!

    I have a bridal package with Bridal Veil by Michelle Huimin to let go. I'm only letting go of the package because I have my eyes set on another wedding gown (from if you care to know), and it does not make sense for me to use the package anymore.

    BV has been the sweetest and most professional studio I've come across and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Their workmanship is impeccable and the quality of fabrics is top-notch.

    Let me know if you are interested. If you intend to be a BV bride or are looking for a top-quality studio, you will not find a better deal anywhere else. Email me at or text me at 9824 4253.

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    It's got to be white link! They are pretty popular to brides because of their amazing gowns, great photography and excellent service. signing up with them is really worth your money.

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    I signed with Amanda Lee Weddings for their made-to-measure gowns (2 pieces) and they are quite good so far. Have gone for my 1st fitting and am very satisfied.

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    i think la belle couture is a great bridal studio.. they have a lot of stunning gowns.

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