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    Perks you get:
    • 5 bride's outfits (indoor & outdoor shoots) - OTR
    • 1 white gown for AD (OTR)
    • 1 Tea Dress/Kwa (OTR)
    • 1 EG for AD (OTR)
    • 2 suits for groom (OTR)
    • 2 suits for both side Dad (OTR)

    • 3 hairdo and make up (PS, outdoor shoots & AD)

    • 1 12" x 15" big album with 30 poses
    • 1 mini album with 22 poses (repeated poses)
    • 1 8' x 10" table top
    • 1 20" x 24" wall photo or 5 in 1 acrylic type
    • 24pcs 4R photo (2 poses)
    • Selected original photos returned on 1pc CD

    • 10 hours of AD photography

    • Bridal car deco + bro's car
    • 6 Wrist Corsage for jiemei
    • 6 flower corsage for groom, both side dad & mum
    bride's accessories provided

    additional charges (if needed) :
    ampoules & fake eyelash - $45

    thomson wedding - if interested pls email

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    Yup.. You can try Volans Couture. I have just completed my big day with them and my experiences was wonderful.

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    Hi Kathleen

    wonder if you could share your package with me? I'm looking for a package below $3k.

    Went to T.Pagar and there was alot of hardselling across the stretch of road..
    Quote Originally Posted by kathleentan View Post
    hi szechyi,

    how much did you sign with Crystal'D for the AD package?

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    Would like to know too

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    Just signed mine 2 weeks ago with Crystal D, have very happy experience with their services and the lady owner doris is a very friendly person, prices are nice for me and no hardselling was done..

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    Butterflies and Cakes presents to you our new Wedding Planning Package for Year 2013! (Ranging from $400)

    -Design Fee
    -Venue Decor
    -ROM Coordination Service
    -Wedding Coordination
    -ROM Planning
    -Full Wedding Planning

    Check it out and call us at 62890019 or email for more information. Alternatively, you can screen us at

    We know that Weddings are very costly so we created "Monthly Interest-Free Financing" Scheme to aid you while you plan your worry-free wedding!

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    Hi all,
    I have Bluebay VIP voucher to give away. You will get 6 additional photos (worth $480) directly if you use my referral voucher when signing up the package at bluebay Delfi Orchard. Since I will also be getting 6 additional photos if you use my voucher, I will be giving $50 cash upon successful referral.

    Please email me if you're interested to use this referral voucher. Thanks!

    I have negotiate with them and get best package with some special arrangement for both photoshoot package and actual day package.

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    Hi! Z Wedding is one of the best bridal studios, IMO. I fell in love with their gown collection and did not have any difficulty choosing my wedding gown.

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    wedding banquet packages? i find hotel re affordable yet excellent

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