Bridal package for only gowns and groom suits
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    Smile Bridal package for only gowns and groom suits

    Hi, anybody has taken a package with a bridal studio that only includes the gowns and groom suits, without any pre-wedding shoot or other peripherals?

    I'm wondering how much less it was, compared to their package prices.. Also, how will they charge you.. is it based on design, or something else..?

    Thanks in advance!

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    yep, amanda lee has such package, a few others also have. depends on bridal studio, amanda lee one is starting from $3k. it's based on the range of her gowns, something like design.

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    Can check out Bridal Affairs, think they are the cheapest around for gown/ suit rental.

    If you are just looking for AD package, most bridal shop packages start from $2k onwards.

    Hope this helps.

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    hi misskon! i took my gowns only package from a home based bridal..fantastic service and i got my day gown,kua and evening gown and two grooms suit for less than 1.5k

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    You can go and check out Z Wedding D'sign. I heard they have a lovely collection of bridal packages. You can try different styles of gowns.

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