Bridal Package at Singapore Fair
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    Bridal Package at Singapore Fair

    Hi, I recently just bought a bridal package at a Singapore Fair. Would like to know if our package is worth it. Can anyone advise?

    Below is our photoshoot at Taiwan and AD package (@ $4,138)

    1. 3D2N Hotel Stay including meals
    2. 5 set of Bridal Gowns and Groom Suits
    3. 5 sets of professional make-up and modeling styles
    4. 5 sets of bridal yeil, hair ornaments and gloves styles
    5. Outdoor transport whole day
    6. 4 outdoor venue shooting and indoor studio
    7. Make up stylist accompany outdoor shooting whole day
    8. Additional 10 poses photo @ $250
    9. 1 PVC photo album 24 with 32 poses
    10. Mini wedding album PVC with 20 photos
    11. 1 24 Canvas Photograph carved Frame
    12. 1 Table Photo Frame
    13. 1 CD-Rom of all selected photographs
    14. 1 Ferris Wheel Photo Frame
    15. 1 Guest Signature Scroll for actual wedding day
    16. 600 pieces of Thank You Cards
    17. 1幕后花絮 8 with 20 photos
    18. 1 AD bridal gown
    19. 1 AD Evening gown
    20. 1 AD Tea Dress
    21. 1 AD Groom's suit
    22. AD Bridal Make-up and hair-do 2 times
    23. Trial Makeup one time
    24. 1 bridal bouquet and 6 flower corsages

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    Whats the point of asking when you have already signed? is it going to make any diff if the comment is +ve or -ve? Dun understand...

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    May I know which bridal studio you signed with?

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    Lets just give this couple some feedback, though I do hope it will be others who will learn from this.
    Is this price reasonable?
    At the end of the day it is about the abilities of the photographer and the studio. Sometimes the package seems damn good but the event coordinator might be the one that screw things up.
    I personally thinks that if every went well, it is not bad. Not a steal though, unless its a big name studio.

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