Dear BTBs and GTBs..

We bought a package at a wedding fair early 2012 at a very reasonable deal, but due to change in plans for our wedding (which resulted in us not needing so many services), we are putting up our package for sale.

The package price is $3k, and is very comprehensive given that it includes a pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, ROM package (if held on separate day) and actual day package (with both wedding and evening gown included). Eyelash and ampoules are includes for both AD and photoshoot, so no hidden charges.

This package would appeal to photo buffs as it includes 12"x48" or 18R photo album with 20 pages, 1 mini album, 1 20"x30" enlargement and a slide show montage. The highlight is the 40 poses that they would return to you in a CD Rom which you could develop on your own (and the entitlement to purchase additional 10 pcs at $500) + option for AD photographer service for $400 for 10 hours (unlimited photos). Usual terms for bridal houses are 30 poses returned and any additional is $80-$90 per piece and at least $500 for AD photographer service.

If you are interested or have further queries, please contact me at

Thank you