Hi i am pretty new here and am planning for my wedding early next year.

So far have been to 2 location to scout for wedding gown.

1. tanjong pagar: realize there is a lot of bridal studio there. pretty tempted by changai so far but my hubby feels the places there keep trying to rush you into buying. I feel the bridal studio here are larger in scale and feel safer purchasing from here but my hubby prefers to look around and feels they are overpriced.

2. oxley bizhub at ubi: was there to visit france paris when i realize there is a few smaller studio there. Prices do seem a bit cheaper but kinda worried since most of this studio i cant really find information on them.

Was wondering if there is any other brides that have been to this 2 area and have any feedback on their gowns /prices and if they do deliver on their promises?