Complaint about SIGNORIA NUZIALE bridal shop
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    Cursing Complaint about SIGNORIA NUZIALE bridal shop

    I am really disappointed with SIGNORIA NUZIALE bridal shop service. Last month (march' 2012), i booked for my pre-wedding shoot (reserved the date since Jan 2012). On the actual date, makeup is done, we have our 1st pose. Things goes smoothly. We had the indoor shoot in the studio.

    After changing to 2nd pose attire, renovation starts in the bridal shop, and the whole studio is so messy. We don't even have a place to sit and how are we going to continue our wedding shoot? And most ridiculous the staffs don't even know there are renovation that day.

    I know there is a merger going on, so there is some renovation. But they should tell us earlier that we are not able to take the shoot that week. And initially that date is not we wanted, so we changed to that week instead. Now this thing happen. Me and my hubby even took 1 day annual leave for this wedding shoot and yet we go home w/o taking the photos. So ridiculous!

    Nevermind. Our mood totally ruined and weather turns bad so we decided to postpone everything and re-shoot on another date. And now i have waited almost 3 weeks, the staffs or even the boss did not contact me about the next shooting date. And due to the chaos that day, i lose my fake eyelashes and wanted the staff to find again, till now no news yet.

    There are also some things that i need to discuss with the boss for the re-shoot but i have been searching for him since last week (he went to Taiwan), and the staff say this week he will be back. Today i called again and another staff say she don't know when is the boss coming back. So i have to keep chasing and calling the boss every week? I am the customer leh. Oh Gosh!!

    Ever since the old staffs left, the service really sux. I am indeed angry and disappointed!

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    Wa. So terrible?! I better dun consider this bridal shop.

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    what i heard is that they merge with bliss bridal at marina square. didn't see them at tanjong pagar too.

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