Cost Saving for Wedding
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    Cost Saving for Wedding

    Hi I am going to hold wedding at 3 different places. It will be at Melacca, Singapore and Batam. After calculating the budget, it seems to be a big sum.

    Especially for logistic like arranging transport for family and relatives, engage photographer and video grapher in 3 places, flowers......

    Appreciate if you can share with me how can I reduce cost especially for logistic part. Oh ya, anyone have a good recommendation for 4 Pcs Gold ( 4 Dian Jing) also?

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    :O three wedding venues? wow. no wonder the cost is quite high. i think you have to determine which venue to invite the most number of people and which venue has the bigger area and elegant decor.

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    Woah. Maybe you should just choose the place that you really like and hold your wedding there.

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    Hmm. I agree with sugarandspice. Holding a wedding in three different destinations is really pricey.

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