Do not patronise Jazz/French Bridal Studio
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    Do not patronise Jazz/French Bridal Studio

    My sincere advice to those couples who are looking for a bridal shop. Do not go to French bridal studio at 61, Tanjong Pagar Road. They are also called Jazz bridal studio.

    Last year March, my wife and I went in to French/Jazz bridal studio to understand more about the quotation. This is the 2nd shop which we went in. We were attended by a lady by the name of Vivian. She showed us samples of wedding shots. There were a few shot of their indoor shoot which has a white piano. This actually captured my wife's eyes. My wife told me that since young it was her dream to have wedding shots with the background of a white piano. Vivian assured us that they have a beautiful white piano in their studio which my wife will definitely like it. I then joking asked Vivian that the white piano will definitely be around when we have our wedding shots in October right. She gave us the assurance that the white piano will definitely be around. We signed on the package and paid 50% deposit. After 3 months, no one from the studio called us for any arrangement. I called the studio and asked if Vivian will be calling us soon for any arrangement on the choosing of the gowns as promised. I was rudely told by a guy over the phone that Vivian is now taking care of roadshows and will not be in the shop. I need to go to Vivocity to look for her. We went. She was there and instead of apologising, she gave many excuses that she thought someone will call me etc. Nevertheless I asked her who is taking care of my account now as they have to be responsible for their customers. She gave me another girl's name and asked me to call her to make an appointment. My 1st DISAPPOINTMENT.

    On the day of my wedding shoot at 830am, we proceed to Picture Me which is opposite of the bridal studio to have our indoor shoot. There was no white piano. The photographer just us that it was send out for repair. My wife was very disappointed. I told her that its only a white piano and just forget about it. Our 2nd DISAPOINTMENT. I clearly told the photographer that we would like to focus more on ourdoor rather than indoor. For the day shoot, I would like to go to 3 places which were Labrador Park, Hortpart and Henderson Waves. I would also like to go a nearby shophouse to take a few shots. He gave me the assurance and told me no problem as these places are very nearby. There was also another couple who is in the indoor studio taking their shoots. At 2pm, they left for their outdoor shoot. I asked the photographer if we should proceed out and he said no, it was too early. I asked him the question again and again at 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm. At last we left the studio at 530pm. I asked him if its too late as there might be a jam during the peak hours. He gave me the assurance again and told me not to worry. We went to the back and took some pictures with the background of the shophouses. After that we proceed to Hortpark. It was 610pm. I was very clear that we will never be able to go to 3 places in 50min. He told me again not to worry. After we reach at Hortpark and have our pictures taken, it was already 7pm. True enough, without apologising the photographer told us that we have no time to go to the other 2 locations. My 3rd DISAPPOINTMENT and my last straw. My wife and I were very disappointed. We have been wanting very badly to go to Labrador Park as that is the place which I proposed to my wife. Why must we leave the studio so late at 530pm after I have said so clearly that I wanted more outdoor shots than indoor?? I have been pressing the photographer to leave early but he wouldn't want to listen to my advise. Why the other couple can leave early and we can't?? I have checked with many of my friends and NONE of them leave the indoor studio at 530pm and have the intention to go to 3 locations.

    I believe there are also successful stories coming out from this studio but unfortunately i'm not one of them. If the boss of French/Jazz bridal studio is reading this, please look for me if you do not agree. This is my true experience and I'm more than happy to speak to you.

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    hey. thank you so much for sharing your experience and warning us.

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