End of the Year Bridal Packages Promotions!!
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    Thumbsup End of the Year Bridal Packages Promotions!!

    Bride's Journal is Online Bridal Boutique that based in Singapore and Indonesia. We are providing from Gowns, Makeup & Hair, Photography, Album, Frame, Car Decoration and so on. With more than 100 gowns to choose from and the Newest Designs.

    This December, We are offering End of the Year Promotions!

    Free 2D1N stay at Turi Beach Resort - Batam (www.turibeach.com)
    Free Upgrade to 5R size instead of Postcard size for all Packages.
    Free Facial Treatment before Makeup and Hair for All Packages.
    Free 1 Small Album Hard Cover with Case for All Packages.
    10% Disc for All One Stop Bridal Packages.
    And Many More..

    For further details please contact us at www.bridesjournals.com

    Promotions only Available for 5 first Customers.

    T&C applied for all Promotions.
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