Signed up this package during a roadshow around end of 2009, valid for 5 years. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we decide to let go the package

The whole package is $2,500.00, fully paid. Now you can have it at $2,100 only! And you can enjoy the best of Taiwan while having your wedding photos taken!

It's with France Star, 法国巨星, from Taiwan, package includes:

1. Wedding gowns, evening dresses, makeup and hair styling on shooting day: 5 sets
2. One big well framed canvas photo: 30 inches
3. Edited CD-R file for chosen photos
4. Take over 200 photos to choose
5. Photos with UV moisture-proof film and one album
6. 10" desktop frame (桌上框)
7. Sky wheel photo display, 12p (摩天轮)
8. Palm-size photo album, 20p (掌中本)
9. Signature booklet (签名绸)
10. Free offer for Bride with hair accessories, necklace, earrings, eyelashes, lady wig(lend), nail polish
11. Professional simple make-up and hair styling for Groom
12. Free offer for Groom with one black and one white suits, ties, shirts, white shoes
13. Free offer flower or silk made bouquet for shooting
14. Outdoor and indoor shooting and no extra charge for public holidays
15. Three times editorial design service (maximum)

Interested please contact