Fernvale Rivergrove at Sengkang - September 2011 BTO
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    Fernvale Rivergrove at Sengkang - September 2011 BTO

    The name Fernvale Rivergrove reflects the development’s location near Sengkang Riverside Park and Punggol Reservoir. Drawing inspiration from the mangrove trees found along the nearby waters, the development is designed with mangrove-inspired qualities such as spots of dense landscaping, complemented by touches of lighter foliage. A stroll through Fernvale Rivergrove places you amid the sights and scents of the refreshing greenery.

    Generous pockets of green spaces are provided within Fernvale Rivergrove, making it a perfect haven for relaxing and escaping the rigours of daily stress. Amid its serenity, Fernvale Rivergrove boasts modern and elegant architecture with clean lines. An interesting skyline is created by the varying heights of the residential blocks.

    Enjoy a host of outdoor fun at your doorstep. Within Fernvale Rivergrove lies a common green that holds a large children’s playground as well as fitness stations designed for adults and the elderly. These are complemented by more playgrounds, precinct pavilions, landscaped spaces, resting shelters and trellises within the development. A Residents’ Committee Centre provides another spot for social bonding. Those with young children will appreciate the presence of an education centre and a childcare centre within the development.

    Daily conveniences can be found just as easily. Fernvale Rivergrove boasts its own supermarket, eating house and shops, so you can shop and dine close to home.

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    Which is a better project, Anchorvale Harvest or Fernvale Rivergrove?
    Any pros and cons buying near studio apartments?

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    I take weekly snapshot of Fernvale Rivergrove on my blog. Feel free to visit http://sengkangzai.blogspot.sg/

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