Ladies, I need some input if you don't mind

Mr A and I are getting married next July and have been cornered into having a dinner here in Singapore for my parent's friends and relatives. I have to admit - I am really bad when it comes to comparing wedding venues - especially because I usually try to avoid wedding dinners as I find they stretch too long and I'm absolutely dead to the world by the time they serve the last course.

We've been to a bunch of wedding venues and my parents are comfortable with the following wedding venues:
1) Four Seasons Crescent Ballroom
2) Mandarin Oriental Garden Suite

Can you share your experiences with either of these venues (if it's not in the exact same venue, but same hotel, also ok!) in terms of the following:
1) Food - Taste & Presentation
2) Decor - Decorative themes good?
3) Service - Good/bad, fast / slow, inflexible / flexible

Thanks in advance XX