Future Groom Looking for advise
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    Future Groom Looking for advise

    Hi all,Kinda shy cos i feel like the only guy here.but i have been reading up but cant find what i actually need.

    i will be getting married overseas since my bride to be is a malaysian.

    so will be having the actual wedding in Malaysia,but i plan to have a dinner reception for my singaporean side.

    Roughly going to have 200 guests only.Any suggestions for an affordable space?


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    U r not the onli one... My btb is oso foreigner cos she from china... U can try Qian xi group restrauants as their price is quite affordable n diff venues to choose.. If u r not lookin at hotels... I juz got an wedding dinner package for next yr Oso ard 200+ pax... Their lady boss is a realli nice person to speak to n I tink u will get wat u looking for there...

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