Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel
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    Cursing Beware Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

    I was interested to hold my ROM at one of their room with seaview. I sent email and call up Joanna Chee, their Sales Executive, to arrange a appointment for site viewing, mentioned alot of times that I am interested with the room that have the seaview. Thus my HTB and I took leave purposely on a Friday to go for site viewing as she have event on the weekend.

    When we meet up and I request to look at the seaview room, she TOLD ME THAT THE ROOM WILL BE CHANGING INTO A GUEST ROOM IN FEB12!!!! I told her my ROM will be around Jun/Jul12 in email & phone. She said she has mess up with me and another couple, and thought that my ROM is in Dec12. Regardless of my ROM is on Jun/Jul or Dec, I can't use that room with seaview!

    Damn fedup! She would have told me earlier so I would just continue to look for other venue. I just went to their website and have a look again, the picture of the room with seaview is still there.

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    thanks for sharing.............

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    Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel


    Anyone held their wedding at the Grand Mecure Roxy Square recently ?

    Feedback appreciated. Thanks!


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    i feel that's its good for east area people. transportation will be a consideration, especially the elderly have to carpool.

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