Hi ladies!
Letting go my bridal package from Feline Wedding that i bought a month ago due to a change of dates Bought this at $3588, letting it go at $3500 *PRICE NEGOTIABLE **

Bargained like cray so there are no more hidden costs, everything is written black and white in the invoice!

Bridal Package includes:
Pre-wedding shoot
1) Bride: 5 oufits + ampoules + eyelashes
2) Groom: 3 outfits + makeup + hairdo
3) FOC father jackets X2 (both fathers)
4) FOC mother gowns X2 (both mothers)
5) Makeup + hairstyling (4 TIMES) trial/studio/day/night
6) FOC transport (3 locations) + night shoot

Actual Day
1) Bride gown X1 (full rack selection -FREE CHOICE)
2) Kua/cheongsam (FREE CHOICE)
3) Evening gown X1
4) Groom suits X2
5) Accompany Car decor (5pcs)
6) Car Decor (1pc)
7) hand bouquets + 6 corsages + 6 wrist flowers (for bridesmaids)
8) 32 pcs (48R acrylic ) *means it's 3 times the normal size wedding album
9) Duplicate mini album (1pc) 5X7 duplicate A/2
10) Bed top Photo frame (1pc) 20X30 (ANY FRAME)
11) Table Top Frame (2pc) t.top
12) Make up + hairdo for bridesmaids (top up $80 only)
13) 1 guest book , 1 seogeal CD return picts

They have really great service, very patient and a wide selection of gowns (great quality as well!)