Harvard Marriage closed down
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    Harvard Marriage closed down

    Dear harvard's brides,

    Pls note Harvard marriage has closed down early this month. I signed up with them during travel fair early Feb this yr . I suppose to go for d ps in 11.11.2011, only know that they stop business. Luckily a day before my departure, i received call from JUDY wedding. The manager ( Lee Chui Ing) called me personally to arrange for our accomodation & ps (now think back, their response is quite impressive they already contacted us within 3 days after Harvard closed ) She told me all the harvard's customer will be taken over by them. For those who fullly paid the package with Harvard, they will still arrange ps with u for FREE!! So pls contact them at +886-225973639 / judy27019955@gmail.com for further info.

    On d day of our arrival, Ms Lee (Mgr) treat us with bubble tea & fried 'ji pai'. She told us the story & tell us not to worry on d ps as d boss of Judy wedding is the chairman of bridal association in taiwan. We got almost the same package as before coz previously we only paid $1,000 deposit to harvard.

    The ps session on d next day was really fun except that is raining whole day in taipei & we need to go to Miaoli. Our photographer was 'Ah Kun' & his assistant were 'Ah Ji'...They take d effort to make us laugh & eventhough is raining, Ah Kun dun even rejected my request to take seaside photo. Our MUA "Yi Qiao" go out with us was quite friendly and helpful as she also help with some of the misc things such as help us hold umbrella for us during photoshoot; take flower for us etc (as compared to the other MUA we saw on other couple ps who only stay inside the temp shelter room wait for couple to come back to change dress).

    On the 3rd day, we went for photo selection..We're quite satisfied with d photo & add another 20 more.....Overall, we feel d service is good so harvard's bride pls dun worry so much...just give Judy wedding a call.

    For news on "havard" you can refer to the link below.

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    thanks for the update syl, i think i saw harvard wedding in one of the sg roadshows before. really glad to know that taiwan bridal association is so strong, otherwise this will really affect the brides' trust in taiwan bridal studios.

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