HDB seller wants additional option money
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    HDB seller wants additional option money

    I'm currently stuck in my situation. htb and me are about to sign for a resale flat and already paid 50% of the option money of $600 to the seller. but the next week he wants another $1000. i.e. total he wants $2,200 in option money. can he do that?? halfway after we pay half of the option money he ask for another sum?? we don't know what to do now, stuck because we never go through agent, go direct.

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    the seller cannot do that. by right if an option $ is agreed upon he shouldnt change his mind.

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    If you already sign the option, he has no right the onus is on you to exercise the option and buy the house.

    If you had not sign the option, then the question is why are you giving him the $600in the first place?

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