Holiday Inn VS Furama
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    Confused Holiday Inn VS Furama

    I need help here in choosing between Furama Riverfront and Holiday Inn Atrium.

    We have around 23 to 25 tables and my budget is around $1k per table. After going through the hotels along Havelock road, we have shortlisted Furama and Holiday Inn.

    Both price and perks given are comparable and i have no idea which to choose and thus need advice in choosing among the two.

    We like Holiday Inn menu. More variety in the menu. Table limit is 20 and thus we can confirm at 23 tables and plus 2 reserve tables. The price per table is $968. However the ballroom is something is not as grand comparing to mercury in Furama.

    In Furama, the mercury ballroom has a very beautiful setting with a swimming pool at a side and a forest view at the other. The swimming pool area can gives the guests more place to move around during cocktail. Very personalize, because only 1 ballroom at the level. The ballroom setup is very beautiful and march in is a long straight march. Although there are pillars but there are a numbers of projection screens. However according to the coordinator in Furama, we must have at least 25 tables in order to book Mercury ballroom. According to the coordinator, since we have confirmed 23 tables we can easily reach 25 tables limit. The menu as compared does not have that much variety. Package is $1092 per table.

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    depends on what is the main factor and priority to u and ur HTB it cost? or the feel of the ballroom? i think if it's for us, if cost is not that different, then go for the furama one ba. coz sounds like u like that place alot...haha

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