Horrible encounter with Poh Heng
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    Thumbs down Horrible encounter with Poh Heng

    I wanna highlight a HORRIBLE service rendered by Pog Heng!!!

    My fiancé and his parents went shopping for 4 dian jin. When my fiancé told the sales person my ring size, the sale person went "wah! So big ah? Is she very fat?" thereafter to prove her point she went on and took a ring one size smaller than my size and went to prove that the ring is much bigger than her thumb.

    Damn freaking humiliating can! I wasn't around but having to hear this from my fiancé's parents is not nice at all loh!

    Kao! Why? Fat people cannot buy ring? If that is the case put a sign big big to say POH HENG GOT NO RING FOR FAT PEOPLE!

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    Dear Ms Neo,

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We apologize for what you, your fiance, and your fiancé's family have gone through.

    Ms Chng and the management of Poh Heng take a serious view of this and have ordered a thorough investigation. We value every customers' feedback and opinions.

    We thank you again for taking the time to provide feedback to us. We will get in touch directly with you to keep you updated.

    Jun Lim
    Customer Service Manager
    Poh Heng Jewellery

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    Wah! You actually went around to post your horrible experience. Just let it go and concentrate being your happy bride.

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    Sorry to hear that, I have seen your post in STOMP too.

    Hope the mangement from Poh Heng will take his matter seriously

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    . Is juz exceptional case ma don't b soo worked up . If u need help to reduce weight pm me I can help u. Be happy to be pretty bride ya

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    that's unfortunate that you have to go through something like that.

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