Hotel Fort Canning Open Air Solemnisation review
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    Hotel Fort Canning Open Air Solemnisation review

    Dear guys and gals can anyone provide me with review on Hotel Fort Canning Open Air Solemnisation service? It will be helpfult to include price, services and experience. Thanks u in advance

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    I was considering Hotel Fort Canning for my solemnization cum wedding dinner but after a site visit last weekend, I decided to write them off. The wedding coordinator was almost half an hour late for our appointment. =.= When he did arrive, he couldn't remember anything about our wedding details, not our number of guests, the packages that I was interested in, etc. Nothing. At every other site viewing, the coordinators have always brought along a copy of my email so they can make reference to it during our meeting, but not this one. And of course, they were always on time.

    The hotel must have an excellent photographer because the online pictures of the venues are quite different from the actual thing. The garden terrace and sun deck are pretty warm, but I guess they're quite picturesque. However, my fiance and I weren't impressed with the choice of lunch / dinner locations. The Glasshouse and Jasmine Room are incredibly small. The Lavender Ballroom is bigger, but it had a rather funny smell when we visited it that day.

    Also, the perks included with the package aren't very impressive compared with those of other hotels. The prices aren't cheap (we were looking at the $150 dinner option with solemnization at The Living Room / Sun Deck / Garden Terrace and dinner at the Jasmine Room), and at that tier, we only get 1 night stay in a deluxe room (which he made it sound like it was a damn awesome thing). No use of a day room either, so the couple and their wedding entourage have to make do with that one room. Granted, the rooms at Hotel Fort Canning are very lovely; but at that price point per person, I would think that it's a given. Also, the decorations for solemnization dinners are very, very basic and unimpressive. Again, for the price, you could get so much better at Mandarin Orchard or Fullerton.

    The one thing that really turned me off was the wedding coordinator. Anything more than 15 minutes late is unacceptable (by my standards). To make things worse, he couldn't even be bothered to do his homework and came to the meeting unprepared. Also, he's rather unrealistic, which is quite worrying since wedding coordinators are supposed to be your go-to person. He insisted that the Glassroom could accommodate 8 tables (80 pax) for a buffet dinner. There was a 6 table set up that day, and the space was already quite cramped. Given that it's a buffet dinner, the issue of space is all the more pressing. But he didn't seem to realize this.

    Also, the staff were setting up an outdoor solemnization at the Garden Terrace. My fiance caught one of them attempting to separate the chairs that were stacked together. He was having some difficulty and the row of chairs fell onto the ground. He then proceeded to kick at them, in a frustrated attempt to remove the top one. These were chairs for the ceremony that were covered in white fabric seat covers. I would be outraged if I was the BTB and saw my solemnization chairs being treated in such a way. We both thought it was really unprofessional, given how this was all done in broad daylight.

    On the whole, based on the premium prices and unimpressive staff, I'd recommend looking at other options.

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    thanks for sharing


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