How to get over with a disappointing proposal
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    How to get over with a disappointing proposal

    Hi all! My boyfriend who is not those romantic kind of person recently proposed to me but I felt that the effort he put in was not sufficient. I always thought that the proposal will come after the ring selection and I wanted to select my own ring as I was afraid he will choose something that I did not like. But he ended up proposing to me before that with a fake ring. He did not decorate the place (I was hoping at least some pictures of us together), kneel down or tell me the reasons why but just simply a note with the words “will you marry me?” I have no idea why at that point of time I said “yes”, perhaps I was touched because he managed to surprise me. Haix... now I do not even have any expectations for my anniversary, birthday and Valentine’s Day.

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    Haix... i really understand your disappointment and frustration. So unromantic! But what's done is done. But don't think so badly of your boyfriend. You mention he's not the romantic kind, but i'm sure he has many other good qualities - so focus on those instead. Does he make you feel secure? Is he loyal? Does he support your dreams and ambitions? Does he show his love in other ways? If he does those things, well, what does it matter that you didn't get a dream proposal, right? Those things are more important. But if you want to "get back" at him for his not-so-romantic proposal, then make sure you have the fabulous wedding you dream of!

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    I understand how you feel. In a way, the amount of effort our boyfriend puts in making the proposal is like a measure of how much they love us. It really makes a woman feel special to be surprised and shown romantic gestures. This could be a problem later on, you know, if you keep having high expectations while he won't put a lot of effort. Best that you two talk about this.

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    That can be really disappointing. To help you get over it, it's probably best to look at what more important to you, that one-time event or your entire relationship?

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    Sorry to hear that. However always remember that just because some people put on a ridiculous proposal, does not mean that everyone should copy. The most important thing is that both of you have and are the type of person that each other love.

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