Just ROM and lunch
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    Just ROM and lunch

    Hi All,
    Planning to have a ROM session at the register. After signing the paper will go for a meal...
    Can anyone recommend a place near the register? Chinese restuarant prefer..
    We have total of 18 people of our 2 families..
    Due to not enough of car, so I hope can get a restaurant near the ROM..
    Anyone can help me...

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    Me too. Having the same problem. Mayb another option is to rent a car.

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    how about renting a mini bus to charter everyone? i have some quotes from some of such service providers... this quote was from last year tho... so just check with him if the price is still the same... erm, not sure if the moderator will remove the contact details, but i'll post them anyway, if the admin removes it, u may PM me for the contact.

    William Tham
    Mobile: +65 9025 8000
    Email: william@singaporetaxitour.com

    this is his quote to me:

    "Our rates for a one way transfer with a 13-seater mini bus is $60 per trip.
    Two way or return trip will be $120 (60 x 2).
    Prices offered are in Singapore dollars and include GST and ERP gantry charges.
    Additional charge of $12 per trip if requires are render between midnight 0000 hrs to morning 0600 hrs.
    Extra stop if required are charged separately."

    $60 sounds reasonable for a single way transfer for so many people... and then u only need 1 car for the rest of ur guests (5 pax). or u can search for those that have mini bus for 18-20 pax. that way you can choose any location u want for lunch, instead of restricting urself to a place near ROM office? cheers.

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