Hi all,

We are letting go a good venue because during the course of planning we realised we needed more space to accommodation to more relatives & loved one.

Honest Homework:

We did a lot of homework till an extend, even auditing the restaurant:

- Location : Orchard Central is centralised, good for your guests & feels good to throw a dinner at Orchard.

- Price : We got our booking last year, so our menu is better and cheaper. We are looking for someone to takeover our deposit of $1000, to finance other wedding expenses. Ban Heng is a good value restaurant..

- Date : 17 Oct 2015, is one of the top auspicious dates in 2015.
- Timing : Dinner

- Food & Service : Her future wife felt this aspect is the most important, thus we mystery audited the place 3 times, the service was consistent good and food was great.

So ya, if you are keen, please SMS me at 9067 0666. I am looking to close this trend in 2 weeks (24 March, Tues)..

Warm regards
Stanly, 90670666