Hi all,
Letting go of an Intercontinental Singapore Weekday Dinner/Weekend Lunch Banquet 2019 Package with ATTRACTIVE PERKS & DISCOUNTS. Package was signed in early 2018 & this WILL BE THE CHEAPEST Intercontinental package you will ever get now (with ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS included)! Price and main perks include:

Main Attractive Perks
- $2,500 discount off total banquet bill
- $160 in-room dining credits
- 30% complimentary self-parking coupons for guests
- One bottle of house wine/table
- One 30-litre barrel of beer
- Free waiver of all corkage
- Complimentary wedding favours
- Exclusively-themed invitation cards (70% of confirmed guests)
- One night stay in Bridal Suite with sumptuous buffet breakfast
- Additional one night stay in Bridal Suite or additional one 30-litre barrel of beer
- Voucher for one night stay in Deluxe Room with sumptuous buffet breakfast (valid for 6 months after wedding date)

*If there are 34 or more confirmed tables*

- One additional 30 litres barrel of beer or 13 bottles of wine or One night stay in Deluxe Room with buffet breakfast

Interested parties pls PM me! Many thanks!