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    Hi Everyone,

    i just got back from my PS with Mikan. Got to give credits to Shirley for her post as it was really helpful!

    Among other things, our package @ $3K includes:

    - 30 photos for album + 30 candid shots
    - 5 VIP dresses + 2 suits (for groom)
    - 1 huge Canvas poster
    - Crystal album..etc
    - 5D4N stay at Friend's hotel

    let me recap my whole experience there..

    6AM: upon our arrival, the driver (arranged by mikan) was already waiting for us. sent us to Friends hotel but the registration details could not be found by the hotel staff. Loitered around and tried calling Mikan but no one picked up till about 8am. they arranged for another driver to send us to their bridal shop and we rested there.

    1.30PM spent about 3 hours trying their gowns. i admit i was rather skeptical of their dresses at first based on the feedback given by other forumers. but it turns out that the gowns were pretty fine. top up $200 for an extra dress.

    7AM next day: MUA, April was assigned to us. As i had short hair, she spent quite some time doing hair extension for me. As expected, she asked me to purchase the ampoules @ $220 for 10 vials. 5 were used on me, 2 for hubby. Chai sir was our photographer. Confirmed our photoshoot venues with him and off we went. All our shots were taken chop chop, rarely same shot taken twice. Two of the venues required entrance fees which we paid. We paid tips for the photographer, his assistant and the MUA as advised by Mikan prior to the trip. We kinda regretted it after being squeezed dry on the photo selection day.

    1.30PM two days later: Photo selection day. We had 400+ photos and we filtered down till we were left with 100+. The lady was rather aggressive and told us how impossible it is to narrow down till 30 pics. showed us other couples who all had 90++ photos in their album. Told us to top-up..etc and we settled for 120 pics for our album. Hubby was black-faced throughout the session. it was rather hard to delete further as the photos were all awesome..Hopefully our album arrives before our wedding in august >.<

    Total damage: $7K.

    Advice to future couples, please bring spare cash in SGD, NT and credit card.

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    where is this located?

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    Hi all,

    Just to share my recent experience with Mikan Bridal at Taiwan.

    I got to know about Mikan at a Cineleisure roadshow in 2010. I was drawn to their photos and customer service and decided to sign for the overseas photoshoot package. I was told to pay in full (S$3K) so that they could throw in more things such as the outdoor make-up artist and car. The package does not include air tickets and accommodation.

    Correspondence with the Bridal Boutique
    It took us quite a while to finally decide to go for our photoshoot. Between the point of signing and actual photo shoot, they did not send us any update emails or tried to contact us on when we would like to arrange for our photoshoot.

    When we contacted them in early 2014 to inform them about our plans to schedule for the photoshoot in September 2014, their responses were slow. They were also not helpful in providing information on what are the preparation required and what are the recommended photographers/makeup artist. Our whole email correspondence was long and tedious, as we had to ask for every single details by ourselves without them taking the initiative to provide the information to us. We were also told that there was only one person (in the attire bridal boutique!) who deals with overseas customers. We even had to resort to making international calls several times as the person-in-charge was not responsive / did not call us back after we left our contact details.

    Selection of gowns
    Their website was not information and did not provide viewers with their gowns collection. We totally had no idea about the brand Mikan wedding when we bought the package in 2010 and kind of regretted it after that. However, since we had already paid for it, we decided to still go for it, hoping everything was good.

    On the day of arrival in Taiwan, we went to the bridal shop for our gowns selection session. We requested to have a look at their wedding albums and catalogue so as to facilitate us in the selection. However, we were told that they did not have any albums or catalogue to show us at the bridal shop. How could a bridal shop doesn’t have any photo albums! Anyway, I showed them some samples of the gowns that I like and they proceeded to bring me some gowns to try on. Overall, their selection of gowns sucks. Many of them are really out of fashion and look kind of old. Their types of gowns were also limited (i.e. they only have one mermaid style gown, no high collar gowns, etc). They later showed me two other gowns from their “designer” range which I like. Based on my package, I was promised that I could select from all their collections. However, I was told to top-up for the two gowns. They cited that the sales person did not clarify clearly with me on the details at the point of signing. L Well, I decided to let this off and top-up an additional S$270 for the two gowns. We then asked about the selection of suit for the groom and were told that the groom could only choose on the day of the photoshoot (what?)

    Customer Service and Package Discrepancy
    In summary, we were told that they were not able to deliver some of the items that were earlier promised and written down in the contract. Below were some of their excuses:
    1) Outdoor make-up artist: They mentioned that our package only included an assistant who can only help in the changing of gowns but not make-up and hair. However, our contract clearly stated make-up artist to follow us out for photoshoot.
    2) Car: They mentioned that our “free” car was very small and cannot accommodate the make-up artist and photographer. We have to top-up to have a car that can accommodate everyone. What’s the point of including a “free” car when it can only accommodate the couple for the outdoor shoot?
    3) Gowns selection: As mentioned above, they required us to top-up even when we were promised that we could choose from all collections.

    Actual day of photoshoot
    The whole experience was alright but it was not fun at all. The make-up artist was not able to deliver the style that I like, even after showing her the photos. I was also told that I had to change one of our outdoor venue as it was not along the way.

    My finance was only asked to select his suit on the actual day of the photoshoot. He was practically seated at one corner while I was doing my make-up and no one attended to him for the selection of suit. In the end, he had to request from them and their selection was very limited and old. Luckily he brought his own clothes and shoes which he could wear.

    Selection of Photos
    The photos were ok only and they kept insisting we take more photos. I wanted to keep to the number that my package includes (i.e. 30 photos). However, the one who attended to us (supposedly the second boss of the bridal shop) kept harping on the fact that she can’t do a nice album if I decided to choose just 30 photos. She told me that it would just be one photo per page (without any effect or blending) if we were to have less photos. The customer service was really quite bad.

    We would advised all to clarify all details stated in the contract before deciding to sign with any bridal shop. If you are looking for overseas photoshoot, do choose one that has a Singapore branch so as to facilitate communications and selection of gowns. I also had to pay extra (at least a few hundred S$) for them to courier all the items (ie. Album, photoframes, etc) from Taiwan to Singapore.

    Hope this review helps!

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    thanks for all the reviews!

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