My experience with SKYcreation (ID firm)
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    My experience with SKYcreation (ID firm)

    In Singapore, there are thousands over ID companies. It is a real headache to find a reliable one. Before we begin our hunt for an ID, we came out with a set of criteria.
    - Large scale company and have good history in ID works
    - Able to present a library of concepts for viewing
    - Wide range of materials choice
    - Interior designer must be responsible
    - ID must able to present to our ideas
    - ID must keep their promises

    With the set of criteria in mind, my wife and I began our hunt for ID firm. Through FB, we saw that SKYcreation was having an open house at their ‘MUSEE’ showroom, so we gave it a try. On the appointment day, we were hosted by one of the interior designers (ID), Ms Candice. I confess that I was ageist. Candice is a young lady and my first impression is 'inexperience'. She guided us through the showroom and introduced a wide range of materials that their company is using. I am impressed with the resources the company have. After the tour, I also described my concept to her and immediately she sketches it on the floor plan and presented my ideas into drawings. She also contributes her ideas to improve the design. I am IMPRESSED with her creativity. My wife and I are very comfortable with the ID and the strong company structure. We decided to invest our $2k to see the complete floor plan sketch. About 2-3 weeks later, we met her in their main office to view our design and see our first quotation. I am pleased with the works and quotation falls within our budget (35-40k).

    *Our house is BTO 4rm, 93sqm unit. I did not opt for any doors, flooring tiles and vanity from HDB.*

    Many people have the impression that after collection of money from the customer, many ID will not be interested with you anymore. Thank GOD, Candice is the responsible type. A month before we collect our keys, she took her own initiative to start a Whatpps chatgroup for easy communication. She prompted us on the timeline so we can work with our schedules. Subsequently, we have few more discussion before we received our 3D drawings. We were satisfied with the design as she could project my concept really well. Throughout the renovation period, Candice constantly monitored the progression of the renovation work. She even handles all the vendors delivery. Her thoughtfulness has eased us from our work schedule. The house was handed over promptly with no complain. If there is a grading system, we will give them 9/10. It is not perfect 10 because I believe there is no perfect renovation work. Definitely there will have some issue, but it all depends on how was the situation managed.

    I hope my sharing is helpful to some of you.

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    Just to share (JTS):

    We absolutely love our home! It was exactly the way we envisioned it to be. Thank you Darren Lim, our Interior Designer (ID), and his team from Sky Creation for making our dream home come true!

    My husband and I decided to engage an ID as we needed an expert to coordinate and manage our renovation project. With 26 years of experience in this industry, Darren is definitely the ideal ID for the best advices. As a veteran, he would always advise us on the most feasible, practical and economical way for our renovation.

    The renovation journey can be arduous. We were grateful to have found ourselves such a professional, competent and easy-going ID to help us oversee the entire process. Thank you Darren and his team for delivering their best for every aspect of this journey (from ideation, design to renovation works).

    It is never easy to handle a client with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I was extremely particular about everything (misalignment, scratches, stains, dirt, etc), but Darren was extremely patient with all my requests. He was swift in liaising with his contractors and suppliers to make rectifications. His contractors (including the carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, cleaner, etc) were hardworking and attentive to our needs.

    All in all, it was a pleasant renovation journey for us! We would like to express our utmost appreciation to Darren and his team for their hard work. Darren is truly a great asset to the company and we would highly recommend him to be anyone's ID!

    P.S.: If interested, you may contact Darren at 91084363.

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    these reviews look fake...... haha

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    Interesting read!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Why fake @Jonathan? I think these accounts are legit... And thanks for sharing them gals!

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