My wedding banquet venue had been doubled booked, need advise urgently please!
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    My wedding banquet venue had been doubled booked, need advise urgently please!

    Hi All,
    I am new to the forum. Decided to post and get advices to see if any brides- to-be experienced this situation my bf and I faced as we are totally lost and helpless.

    My bf and I booked our banquet for Nov 2014 in end Dec2013 and paid the deposit on 03 Jan 2014 the moment the banquet manager is back from PH and leave. We searched and emailed many hotels and most are taken as our date is an auspicious date. So when this is available, we immediately booked it and proceed to go down to pay deposit within few days.

    Yesterday 13 March 14, (after 3months of booking, and about 7months to our wedding date). we received a call from our banquet manager and we were shocked and upset to be informed that there had been a mistake on their end -- double bookings were made where the ballroom had been booked by a company for their company D&D on our wedd date, and according to the mgr's explanation, the ballroom was taken way before we booked and paid deposit. So this is an obvious fault and mistake of the banquet manager where he tried to blame it to change of staff and they are not updated on other events bookings and hence this mistake etc. My bf and i went down this evening (14Mar14) to hear out what the banquet mgr had to say and alternative solutions, and he actually had no solutions for us today and our trip down was wasted and we left the hotel even more frustrated and upset. He said today was to inform us, apologise and hear what we have to say and what we would like them to do.

    My bf and I were speechless and though we expressed our unhappiness (in a 'still-quite-polite') way, we are unsure what we can do now and what we can demand for as compensation.
    The conversation ended today with the banquet mgr escalating to his snr mgr (who is the decision maker) and will come back to us with alternative solutions - which he said he is trying to find out if the company can change their D&D date - I doubt this will happen as that is a company and we are just common folks. They will not be able to 'offend' a corporation.

    This is a real situation and I am totally lost in terms of what to do. I am unsure if i can share the name (due to sensitivity of matter and worried that posting the venue name on social media may have an adverse impact on us, what if the hotel or banquet mgr used this against us instead?) Bf and I are very stressed, worried, frustrated and lost. Besides unnecessary visits to the hotel - we went down today and we will be going down again next week, maybe more trips until the matter is resolved.

    We already informed all relatives and friends about our wedding date and venue way back in Jan immediately after we secure the date and venue with deposit payment. We totally do not expect such unfortunate thing to happen on us and why us? We just wanted a happy, smooth and simple wedding. But now we are back to no venue again. We just got our keys to our new home and are busy with finding IDs and doing up house before resuming back to wedd prep... we are already very very stress and tight with time and money.... Bf and i discussed, argued and cried over this yesterday and today... This is a very important. critical and yet delicate period due to the many things we need to overcome together (House, Reno, Wedd, Honeymoon planning etc.) and the last thing we want is trouble and problem with things we already settled.

    We have not break the news to both side parents and family, nor relatives and friends... we hope to settle the venue and proceed with wedding on the same day, before informing them. We felt like victims and why do we pay to suffer and why is our big day and once in a lifetime matter cork up and we are forced to compromise? I really feel very angry and unjust. Read the banquet contract T&Cs. all terms are written to protect the hotel, what about us, consumers?

    Need help and advices please ---> What are our rights, what compensations and actions can we take or demand the hotel for, who or what authority can we seek help with? What would you do. if you are in the situation? We are really helpless and lost... Gosh my tears cant stop flowing... why me, why us, why our wedding? What will happen if we dont get venue? :'( :'( :'(

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    i guess you can ask the hotel for a refund on the amount that you paid and find another place immediately or you can also try asking if they can move you to one of their ballrooms instead.

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    Obviously, it is the management's mistake. They should look for solutions to rectify the situation.

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