Outdoor Wedding + Solemnisation
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    Outdoor Wedding + Solemnisation

    Hello everyone!

    I'm planning to have my wedding + solemnisation at the same evening, some time in Oct next year. However, the search for a venue is getting tough as our requests seem to be a bit .. erm .. difficult to fulfil. If anyone has suggestions, do let me know!

    [So far Il Lido and Keppel Club are out... Sentosa hasn't gotten back to me, and I haven't contacted Dempsey yet..]

    Type of venue:
    1) Able to seat 80-100 pax (table arrangement flexible - round/rectangle)
    2) Have space for a stage (for us to screen video/photos/invite live band) and dance floor
    3) Can allow us to use the venue till late (eg. 2am)
    4) Garden or beach setting
    5) Has a contingency plan in case of rain
    6) Is private (passers-by cannot look in)
    7) Able to play music loudly (for dancing to)

    1) Mix of western and chinese (my husband-to-be is caucasian)
    2) To be individually served
    3) If above not possible, external catering allowed.

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    maybe you would like to check out with British Club.

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    Arrow We're in almost exactly the same boat

    We've tentatively booked our solemnisation venue (Burkill Hall) for a similar date, which is perfect except that they don't allow loud music. So it's off to look for a fun dinner and dance venue for the evening.
    Our three main criteria are a guest list of 100-150 people, a dance floor and a buffet dinner (we don't care what cuisine as long as it's good food and um... no endangered species on the menu), but so much of the wedding venue market in Singapore so far seems geared towards huge bankruptcy-inducing zillion-course Chinese banquets without dancing.

    If the British Club proves suitable I might have to fight you for it.
    Oh yeah and I tried the Straits Room at the Fullerton too. No dance floor unfortunately and the price is high too. So don't worry about trying there too.

    Good luck in your search.

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    You can try One-twenty Six at East Coast or One Rochester for their outdoor reception but they are quite pricey and always fully booked.. I just attended my friend's outdoor solemnization reception at Suburbia, Sentosa by Eventura Bliss. Maybe you can contact them and see what they can assist you in finding your desire location

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    Hi Peep Toe

    May I know how much sis the rental to book the Burkill Hall? Do you have a blog that you write about your wedding preparations?

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    hi Juzanother gal, so in the end, which venue u choose?

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    Also having difficulty looking for wedding venue for my wedding.

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    Garden weddings seem to be super in trend right now and I found this article super useful!! http://www.perfectweddings.sg/top-30...-in-singapore/ The outdoor venues are sooooo pretty!! Hope it helps

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