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    Pan pacific tables to let go

    Good Day All,

    I’ve to let go of my wedding dinner banquet at Pan Pacific Singapore on the 1st quarter 2019 with Exclusive Perks (after much negotiation with hotel prior to booking) & absorption of certain percentage of the dinner package so as to make it worthwhile for the take-over party.

    As per followed are the details of the wedding package;

    Venue: Pan Pacific Singapore, Pacific Ballroom, Level One
    Note: Ballroom was renovated for $1M with Crystal Chandelier, Lighting & Sound System.

    Price: $1’608++ /Table

    Minimum Attendance: 50 Tables
    Maximum: 65 Tables

    Set-Up by Pan Pacific:
    Pacific Foyer
    - Reception Tables & Floral Arrangement
    - Cocktail Tables

    Pacific Ballroom
    - Stage with Theme Wedding Decoration
    - Rostrum with Mikes on Stage
    - Decorative Wedding Cake
    - Champagne Fountain with One(1) Bottle of Champagne
    - Ivory Seat Cover for ALL Chairs
    - Selection of Unique Wedding Themes with Fresh Floral Arrangement on Dining Tables & Wedding Aisles
    - Exclusively-Designed Invitation Cards (excludes Printing Costs, based on 70% Guaranteed Attendance)
    - Wedding Accessory Set (Red Packet Box & Signing Scroll)
    - Choice of Two(2) Memorable Wedding Favours (Alternate /Guest)
    - One(1) Night Stay in Bridal Suite with Breakfast
    - Complimentary Car Park Coupons (30% Guaranteed Attendance)
    - Two(2) VIP Car Park Lots at Hotel Driveway for Bridal Cars.

    Dinner Banquet:
    - 7 Course Dinner prepared by Award-Winning Chinese Restaurant, Hai Tien Lou
    - Unlimited Flow of Soft Drinks, Mixers & Chinese Tea
    - Complimentary One(1) 30-Litre Barrel of Beer
    - Complimentary Bottle of House Wine per Table

    Exclusive Perks
    - Chef’s Choice of Complimentary Five(5) Platters of Canapes Butler-Passed at Cocktail*****
    - 150 Glasses of Mocktails
    - Waiver of Corkage for Hard-Liquor & Wines (Duty-Paid only)*
    - Upgrade of One(1) Barrel Beer to Free-Flow Beer
    - Additional Provision of Twelve(12) Bottles House Wine
    Note: On-Top of One(1) Bottle /Table
    -* Additional Provision of an additional One(1) Night Stay for Deluxe Room
    * On-Top of One(1) Night Stay of Bridal Suite

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *****************
    Timeline of Event:
    1800 – 1900 hrs | ROM/Tea Ceremony
    1900 – 2000 hrs | Pre-Dinner Cocktail
    2000 – 2300 hrs | Dinner

    Kindly PM me or leave me your contact to discuss further details.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Ohh, this looks like a great deal!

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    Bump to this! Sounds nice and interesting indeed ;)

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    Bump! Check this one out guys and gals ~

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    Nice package! Check it out guys and gals

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