CUSHY CUSHIONS, anyone? And squeeze an ounce of Peranakan nostalgia in...

Add a personal touch to your favourite armchair or dress your bed with these nostalgic Nyonya Peranakan cushions from our Nyonya Maneknek collections.

Mix and match the bold heritage Majolica / Peranakan tiles-inspired cushions! You get to pick either the Rose Mawar or Lotus Teratai design. And guess what? No worries about the cushions not matching your decor because our designers are on standby to render them into your favourite and preferred colours. Red and yellow and pink and green, Purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow... and own Nyonya cushions in a row!

And that's not all! We've also lined up our Nyonya Noblesse beauties all in a row for you to spend idyllic soirees with.The best part is our Nyonya Maneknek cushions are printed on both sides! So, you get to choose 2 Nyonyas for both the front and back! And if you want the Baju Panjangs and Nyonya kebayas to match your colour scheme of your rooms, we would gladly give our beauties a makeover, just for you!

Each cushion is priced at $30, but because we know you probably wouldn't be able to curb getting more than one... we are offering a generous discount of $$20 off for the purchase of 4 cushions! That's not all! You will enjoy a further $5 off every extra cushion that you purchase with your order!

But, in line with our Puasa Dan Duan Sale, you can also get each cushion at $25 each (subject to a minimum spending of $50)!

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