The Pre-Wedding Pose Workshop
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    The Pre-Wedding Pose Workshop

    Event Page:

    The most important day of two people’s lives, to create poses based on the storylines which fully capture all the beautiful and authentic moments that will bring emotion to each viewer’s eyes.

    This workshop will benefit those who are:

    •Preparing for the wedding album photo session
    •Preparing for the 'big day' (wedding)
    •Avid posters on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook
    •Simply in pursuit of self-improvement and bringing out the best within them

    In this workshop, Angelica will share the benefits of posing, with interactive demonstration on different techniques for different situations.

    YOU CAN -

    •Create different Creative poses /romantic and intimate pose ideas
    •Create story teller poses for portraits shots
    •Create candid shoot (at “Big Day”) with natural feel when time is a constraint
    •Create a slimmer in photos based on different body types
    •Relax and smile for the camera

    Engaging Indoor Workshop Programs:

    Time Duration: 1.5 hours per workshop
    Date: 18th February 2017 Saturday
    Time: 10am to 11.30am
    Venue: Training Centre at The Riverwalk

    ************************************************** *************

    Angelica’s Professional Profile

    People often tell me:
    "Angelica, I don't know how to pose!" ... I feel awkward and stiff in front of camera!"
    "My figure is plus size or I am not confidence of my body!"
    "I look terrible in photos!' ...

    Well, let me tell you this: You are ALL born beautiful. When you are master of your pose, you will bring out the sparkle within you, and you will exude your confidence because you know that people will see your beauty as you want them to see it. Be the master of your charisma. It can be learned and I am here to teach you how.

    Have the courage to shine – Angelica Ang
    Crowned Miss Supermodel of Miss International Singapore Pageant 2016

    The 'Pose' is an art. It is critical to the success of any portrait, and in business or social communication.

    Angelica Ang, coach of pose par excellence with 8 years of personal experience, will share with you her secrets of this art, and tips on posing for good effect.

    Website :
    Email :
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    So there's a workshop for this.... Lol I didn't knew!

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    I love this! To avoid looking awkward on your photos LOL

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