After going to like 6 or 7 bridal shops in JB, I have finally decided to engage Isadora Bridal Selection

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Address - 104 jalan harimau tarum,taman century,80250 jb. johor. +60 7335 8688 (a few shop before Crystal Crown Hotel)

I was actually at that area viewing SG Bridal and Venus and chance upon this shop. It was their photographer Eric Lai who served me. I was attracted by their photos at first and slowly impressed by their service. They gave me a feeling that I would have a personalize service from them. I did not sign the package on the spot. They are not pushy too. I went back and discuss and went there again to sign 1 week later.

Some of the reasons why I signed up with them -

1) The photographer (PG) who served me, Eric Lai has 20 years experience. He knows what I want as he will be our photographer for PS. Talking to him is better than talking to a sale consultant. Sales consultant focus on their sales but on technical they will always says 'can' before sales is confirm. But Eric will tell you anything he finds difficult to do or impossible. I feel more comfortable this way, as least I know my plan has difficulties and I need to change before the PS rather than last min when I saw my PG and he tell me I cant do the way I wanted.

2) Price, the package is very attractive, too hard to resist. For less than 5K RM, I getting more than most other bridal shop that can offer me. We did discuss on some things that I do not need and exchange for other stuff as I already make a list myself.

3) 2 female assistants they had are very friendly and nice. On the first day there, they allow us to try their gown and assist us on everything like our personal assistant. I even joke that I want to try the gown on display and she nearly went to take it down before I stop her. At first I thought they are trying hard to clinch the deal but last weekend, we went there to try our ROM gown and suit. Again we were treated like VIP, they are helpful and fast. In fact, I believe its their service and attitude that only cost us less than 1 hr to do the selection. I walk out of their shop pretty happy. Got what we want fast and nice.

4) Photoshoot done in 1 day for both indoor and outdoor. Actually this is 1 of the factor we are looking at. So far only 2 Bridal shops in JB can do it. I did ask every shop I went to but they will give me excuses for not able to do in 1 day. Isadora will do indoor till lunch, then relax, eat and change then go for outdoor. All done by dinner and head back. If you want nite shoot, I think only Danga Bay is nice and they can do it also. Reason I want to have it for 1 day is that it is very tiring to do PS, schedule for 2 days means more time involved, more annul leave need to be taken, higher cost as you need to pay for eyelash and ampoule for 2 days. I do believe other shop not able to do it cos they have a few cust on each day and their MUA or PG will have to serve a few cust on the same day. I went to 1 shop and I was told there is 6 couple doing indoor today and there is only 1 MUA. I saw 1 doing PS, 1 waiting for PG, 1 doing makeup and 1 waiting for makeup. Schedule to 2 days means more waiting time.

5) The most important factor for me. I was ensured that I will have 2 PG and 1 MUA attached to us for the whole day PS. Yes, i repeat, its 2 PG!!! Eric and his partner, Terry will do PS for us. I did ask them the reason for having 2 PG as this is the 1st shop that offer me this and i was told it is their understanding of each other to deliver higher quality PS. Also having a MUA to accompany you whole day is another plus point. You can change hairstyle and makeup on the go. No point having 5 or 7 gown to change but all with same hairstyle.

We used their ROM gown and suit for our ROM on diff day. We went down 2 weeks before our ROM and they have standby a few gowns for us already. Their assistant will be always with you when you change gowns, this makes everything goes very smoothly and fast as she will be inside the changing room with you assisting you. Less than an hour, we tested a few and we already made a choice. Groom suit less than 15 mins. We came to collect our gown and suit just 2 days before our ROM. Everything was hassle free, no trouble, no problem, no headache. We return them 1 week later, drop and go.

Photoshoot Gown Testing
We went down to try our photoshoot gowns 2 weeks before our PS, everything is as expected as we had done for our ROM but this time a lot more to try. As usual, everything is standby for us, we took a photo of every gown we tested so that we can refer to it later and discuss which will suit us. Everything was so smooth and fast and we only took around 2 hours. We could see that their assistants really love their job, their smile are really genuine and they answer all our questions asked. They even took photos from the previous cust to show us how the gown will turn out in photo.

Eg, we tested a gown, we would give a hesitation expression like trying to figure out how it look during photoshoot, she will know what we are thinking and went to take some photos of past customers using that gown to show us. We did not even ask for it. We also mention that we want to take our photos at some old buildings and she immediately went to take photos again for us to refer. Great customer satisfaction.

Finally done my PS and selected our edit photos. All edited soft copy will be give to you. Just bring your usb along

PS is fun and relaxing, no stress at all. We ended quite late, back about 8pm cos we went to Kluang and areas around there. If you stay overnite, you can select the photo the next day morning before you return Singapore. We thought it would be a busy day so we booked a room at Crystal Crown hotel. Remember to try the Japanese food there at level 2, very nice. The hotel on 2 mins walk for Isodora, very convenience for us. We select the photos after we check out them return back SG.

We heard of many stories that Bridal shops will pressure us to buy more photos. In our case, they have never mention a word to ask us to buy any photo. We were given a cosy corner to do the selection ourselves and they will just assist you if you have question for them, no hard selling. We only choose the photos we had for our package, no extra and they are still very happy with it. I remember I saw some couples choosing their photos also when we were there to select our gown and I have never heard them pushing the couple to buy photos before. They still even tell me to choose 1 photo that show our back only as that photo will be free. Not sure other shop will give us free but its a nice gesture from them.

There is only 2 indoor scenes but we already knew it as we wanted more outdoor. We wanted to take only 1 indoor but eventually took the 2nd scene as back up. Both turned up very well and we selected both scenes photos.

After that a short break for lunch and MUA will change a new makeup and hairdo for next gown. Off we go to Kluang as we wanted 80's theme for our outdoor which we have told the PG in advance. They have planned the route for us and we just relax while they drive. The MUA and 2 PG follow us outdoor.

We have 5 different outdoor scenes. 1 of it was a old shop nearby and we loved that place. Our PG spoke to the owner and he is so nice to allow us to shoot in his shop. The MUA will change the makeup and hairdo when you change diff gown for diff scene. Very professional and relax, really thumb up for her.

After everything done, they drove us back, they will pack everything, we just change back to our clothes and back to hotel. Remember to bring make up remover as they dont do it for you. You can slowly do at your hotel room.

We are very happy with everything they had done and we even engage their MUA and PG for our AD. We feel that we were treated like friends more than like customers. I dont have the type of fear that some couples have like will they charge you more or will they ask you buy more things or will they not meet your expectation in terms of makeup or gown or photos. In fact, I actually had more free things than our contract.

I think below 5K RM is a good deal. They are a few shops quoted us more than 5K RM and they gave us a feeling that we will be treated like customers only and we will eventually pay more from their sales tactics.

If anyone is interested to get more info, can email me at (Edwin & June)