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    Hi peeps. Anyone knows anywhere else for garden weddings? Anyone been to the grand hyatt garden for a wedding reception?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centuryz View Post
    Hi shiyaong,

    Please kindly notify me too if pretty bride" share her quotation of IlLido with you. I've asking her the same question too and pending for her reply. You may reach me via my email "". I'll update you too if she reply me. Million thanks. Cheers.
    Dear all so sorry for my absence! I've been swamped with work since i just came back not long ago from a mini honeymoon of sorts! My package details is not with me but is in the laptop that my hubby brought overseas! You can email my planner from IlLido for the package details though! Her email is and she's really helpful! Good luck finding the perfect venue for your ROM! mine was, and i really want to share my joy with all of you!

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